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There are two types of liability coverage. Both are required by law in most states.BODILY INJURY LIABILITY & PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY.Call us for more info!1-866-681-8700 READ MORE >>

Religious organization insurance from Anderson Insurance Brokers provides customized policies for large and small places of worship. We offer a full spectrum of coverage including property, liability, & commercial automobile insurance to churches, monasteries, convents, all religious organizations, religious shrines, temples and more. READ MORE >>




Small, medium and large!

Follow these tips from the Illinois Dept. of Insurance Find a reliable company.  Contact the Department of Insurance to find out if a company is licensed in Illinois.  Unlicensed companies are not required to comply with state insurance laws or participate in the Insurance Guaranty Fund which protects policyholders if a company goes bankrupt. READ MORE >>

Illinois follows a “fault” system in determining who pays for damages stemming from a car accident.This means that the person who was legally at fault for causing the accident is responsible for compensating anyone who suffered injuries or property damage due to the accident. READ MORE >>

Do you stop at stop signs? Do you use your turn signals? Do you yield to other drivers when they have the right of way? Do you refrain from using your phone while driving? Are you courteous to other drivers and pedestrians? Do you go the speed limit? Do you obey the rules of the road? READ MORE >>

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